Thu Feb 16 2012

Amadans and Bodhrans

The Oliver Plunkett
Doors 9:00 pm - Admission: FREE

Just like Shakespeare's "fool" these Amadáns are a step ahead of the rest. This can easily be witnessed at any and all of their epic gigs where folk ballads and traditional Irish tunes are blended with country and rock n roll classics to create their "folk n roll" genre, a style unique to the Amadáns & Bodhráns. It seem that slumbering spirits of past legendary folk moguls burn brightly in their hearts. With their gentle wit and southern charm audiences are swept up and away to happier days. Clancy, Kelly, Drew and the likes are smiling down, entertained by the twinkle in the eyes of these Amadáns! Croí agus anam! Fireymurt

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