Sat Apr 28 2018

Live Forever - Oasis Tribute - Sold Out

Cyprus Avenue
Doors 9:00 pm - Admission: 15

Live forever are the definitive tribute to Manchester's five piece super group Oasis!

They recreate songs from every era of oasis from the timeless hits of the 90ís when brit pop was at itís height, to the hits off their final album!

Having toured ireland extensively playing many of it's major venues and festivals, live forever have a wealth of experience when it comes to stagecraft.

The audience continues to sing their hearts out to the classic oasis anthems that we all know and love,whilst a glance round the sea of faces will be met with that knowing smile of satisfaction from the die hard's when they pull out that special b side or album track.

Live forever are the full five piece line up and bring you a 2 hour show that ireland has not seen since oasis themselves played to a sold out slane castle in '09.

No sidetracks or gimmicks just the full on wall of sound that oasis are known and loved for, live forever bring the ultimate oasis experience to every venue they play.

Believe the hype our kids. . . . . Live forever are. . . . .

"Rock and roll stars"!!

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