Tue Feb 27 2018

The Canova Casts : Permanent Collection

Crawford Art Gallery
Doors 10:00 am - Admission: FREE

The Canova Casts on display at the Crawford Gallery represent some of the finest masterpieces from the Vatican Collection. They were made under the supervision of renowned Italian sculptor Antonio Canova and include casts of some of his own works. They came to be in the possession of the Crawford Gallery in something of a circumspect manner, having first arrived at the London Customís House at the start of the 19th Century, before later being exhibited at the old Apollo Gallery on Patrick Street, under the care of the Cork Society of Arts. After the Royal Cork Institution took over the Cork School of Art they were moved to the Old Custom house, the building which today comprises most of the Crawford Art Gallery, where they provided students of art a chance to study human form and anatomy.

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