Sun Feb 25 2018

Heroes and Villains

Crawford Art Gallery
Doors 10:00 am - Admission: FREE

Gibson Galleries and The Long Room

A WORLD IN CRISIS! The divide between rich and poor creates conflict. A culture of surveillance and data mining defines our existence. Innocence can become cruelty at the click of a button. Has the line between good and evil ever been less clear? Can we take the heroes and villains of our time at face value or should we not judge a book by its cover? Since the dawn of great storytelling, exemplified by Homerís epic poem The Iliad, we have sought to fulfil our need for heroes in answer to villainy. What does a hero look like and what makes a villain? When does hero worship turn to vilification? How does a sporting hero like Roy Keane compare with the ancient warrior Achilles?

Drawn from the Crawford Art Gallery Collection HEROES & VILLAINS invites you to question archetypes and asks you to look and look again, to fact-find and test the credentials of a wide range of characters. This is not always black and white as the shades of context, viewpoint, and representation colour our judgment.

Curated by Anne Boddaert & Dr Michael Waldron.

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