Thu Jan 25 2018

Cask Ales & Strange Brew Festival

Franciscan Well Brewery, North Mall
Doors 1:00 pm - Admission: FREE

The Cask Ales and Extraordinary Brew Festival will be the first festival held in the 20th year celebration for the Franciscan Well from 25th-27th of January.

Featuring a range of special brews using curious and interesting ingredients, the festival will showcase the growing experimentation of Irish brewers and their ability to challenge the norms of brewing.

Yellow Belly, Rising Suns, Metalman and West Cork Brewing are just some of the brewers at the festival and will compete in the Beoir Cask Competition to see who can come up with the most extraordinary beer under categories: Best lager, best "pale', best stout and best specialty. Judged by The national Beer enthusiasts club, winners will be announced on the Saturday of the festival.

As well as sampling the brews, those attending will have the opportunity to attend talks and demonstrations which will include sessions such as How To Judge Beer, How to Cask Beer, Cooperage and much more. There will also be a number of participating brewers who will take part in a 'Meet the Brewer' Q&A section

The festival will open from 5pm on Thursday the 25th & from 1pm on the 26th & 27th. Admission is free.