Fri Dec 8 2017

The Calvinists

The Oliver Plunkett, Oliver Plunkett St.
Doors 9:30 pm - Admission: FREE

The Calvinists Formed in 2010 in West Cork, Ireland. Their sound is comprised of rough and ready harmonies in a set made up of stomping original songs played with heaps of energy that defines The Calvinists. Their sound combines elements of gypsy, folk music, bluegrass, rockabilly, Ska and even surf rock. The band entered 2011 on a wave of media attention following a surprise rave review by New York Times writer, Matt Gross. A few months earlier Mr. Gross was ambling through the Calvinists’ local town of Bantry when the bands’ poster caught his attention. Drawn in by the unusual name (a slightly controversial anti-homage to religious reformist and general party pooper, John Calvin) he decided to check them out. He certainly wasn’t disappointed; 'They were awesome: straight-up rock with a country accent......the whole room hummed with enthusiasm and pride. I was part of something. Maybe this was a moment that, years from now, I would remember as a big one'

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