Sun Nov 26 2017

Cyminology – Ecm Weekend

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.
Doors 8:00 pm - Admission: €18/€15

Cymin Samawatie: vocals Benedict Jahnel: piano Ralf Schwarz: double bass Ketan Bhatti: drums, percussion

Cyminology was founded by Cymin Samawatie and Benedikt Jahnel in 2002. The group combines Persian poetry and chamber-esque contemporary music: East and West, old and new in beautiful synthesis. The subtle yet dynamic, softly-pulsating music takes its cue from the sound of the Persian language presenting poets such as Rumi, Hafis and Khayyam. Cymin Samawatie’s compositions combine elements from different kinds of music, including chamber jazz, open improvisation, modern composition, impressionism and minimalism.

Cyminology creates a space, in which post-migrant European culture is expressed in music and poetry. It is an adventurous experience to listen and to watch the sensitive interaction within the Berlin based quartet.

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