Tue Oct 24 2017

Board Games At The Friary!

The Friary, 62 Shandon St.
Doors 7:30 pm - Admission: FREE

Time to play!!! Do you like Board Games? Do you like craft beers? Then The Friary is the place to be! Do you want to meet people from around the world and show your best skills?? We have THE plan for you. Every Tuesday we host an evening full of the greatest games on offer. Will you be a Settler of Catan or a terrifying Werewolf? We’ll offer you our 7 Wonders (ish)… So feel free to join this Mascarade, and please, don’t forget your Ticket to Ride!!! Each week a “Star” game will be highlighted to bring us all playing together in our little loft upstairs! You are all invited to bring your own games to share in the community!!! Kicking off at 7.30pm, free entry!