Sat Oct 14 2017

Declan Synott & Bhailiu

The Village Hall
Doors 8:00 pm - Admission: 5 Euro

Declan Synnott works with a variety of methods based around tape and analogue synthesiser. Rooted in noise and experimental sound, Declan’s live performances are focused on dense, immersive sound, intentionally loose from any strict structural boundary, building a wall of textured noise. Bhaili. is a Cork-based live improvised techno group featuring David (Not Earth) on synth and machines, Alex Sampson (Talos) on guitar, Chris Somers (African Fiction) on bass and Josh Sampson (Talos/ooSe) on drums. With pummelling rhythms from the basement and melodies beamed down from the cosmos, the group channel their disparate influences to a unified sonic force to be reckoned with.