Mon Oct 16 2017

Tanya Louise & The Jam Masters

Doors 6:00 pm - Admission: FREE

Though still very young, Tanya has been in the Cork music scene since the age of 14. Since releasing her solo debut EP, Better in Two’s, at the age of 17 in the famous Crowley’s Music Centre in February 23rd of this year, Tanya has gone from strength to strength. The Jam Masters was formed subsequently to this and the bands popularity is astounding. The band’s original material is hard to define being bluesy, jazzy, folk rock. The setup is not typical for a four piece band with Tanya on guitar/vocals, Murty on cajón, Bart Kondrat on lead guitar and Maciek (Magic) on harmonica. The band has an unusual, distinctive and original sound which puts them into that ‘can’t get them out of my head‘ category.

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