Tue Oct 17 2017

Taste Of Cork Whiskey Edition

Holy Smoke Bbq Restaurant
Doors 7:00 pm - Admission: €42-45

As a proud participant of the Taste Cork Week, Holy Smoke invites you to embark on a unique gourmet journey and experience the best of Irish BBQ cuisine, prepared with the local meat that is cooked in Holy Smoke’s signature barbecue-style, low-n-slow, for four to sixteen hours. The BBQ dishes are then paired with a carefully chosen selection of beers from Cork’s microbreweries and Irish whiskeys, allowing you to taste Cork in all its richness and variety! Our renowned pitmasters John Relihan and Decky Walsh will serve up an exquisite six-course meal and walk you through the secrets and preparation techniques behind each dish, so that you can walk away not only with a full stomach but with valuable knowledge and tips on re-creating the experience at home. A true foodie and a published food author herself, Caroline Hennessy will masterfully guide you through the pairing of each dish, presenting and explaining the corresponding whiskey or craft beer that create that beautiful gourmet ensemble. Spots are strictly limited. Catch an Early Bird ticket to your Taste of Cork experience before September, 24! Tickets: https://tasteofcorkoctober.eventbrite.com

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