Sat Sep 16 2017

Cork Islamic Culture Exhibition 2017

Imperial Hotel, South Mall, Cork City.
Doors 10:00 am - Admission: FREE

Purpose of the Exhibition: The objective of the Islamic Cultural Exhibition is to give the people of Cork an opportunity to come and see what Islam and Muslims are all about. This exhibition aims to be part of an integration process and we hope that we as Irish Muslims are not negatively blanket judged as portrayed in the media. This is also an opportunity for people to come and ask the questions that they may have regarding Islam and Muslims. The Islamic Cultural Exhibition will be complete with information, history, artworks, artifacts and literature about Islam and Muslims. There will also be short discussion forums where members of the public will be able to discuss and ask questions about Islam and Muslims. The previous exhibition was very successful and received very well by the Cork community as well as the previous Mayor of Cork who honored it with his gracious presence. ​This year event will be in the 16th of September and will take place in Imperial Hotel Cork. Cork Islamic Culture Exhibition 2016: