Thu Jul 20 2017

'Janey Dillis' - Lunchtime Theatre

Cork Arts Theatre, Carroll's Quay
Doors 12:30 pm - Admission: €10 (includes light lunch and show)

'Janey Dillis' by John Sheehy Performed by Cora Fenton The company that brought you the award-winning, 5 star show 'Fred & Alice' are back with their new play. What would happen if you woke up one morning, found yourself in the middle of a snow storm and you have no power, no heat, no phone, no food? Welcome to the world of Janey Dillis. Janey hasn't left her house in 25 years. No one has set foot inside her house in 20 years which up till now has been just the way she likes it. You will be the first people to meet Janey in 20 years. As her situation escalates, Janey is forced to question her way of life and deals with her predicament through her wild imagination. She is prone to fantastical flights of fantasy that reveal much of her inner self and the wider world that has caused her to become trapped. Quotes from Janey... "Now I'm happy to meet someone half way but Iím not going to go all the way over to their side just to tell them to FUCK OFF!" "Thrifty I am but itís time for a 2 bar treat." "Iíve always enjoyed stories. Stories are lacking around here since I accidentally put me foot through the television. By accidentally I mean I regret it now!" This play was developed with the kind support of Limerick City and County Arts Office and Friars' Gate Theatre. PLEASE NOTE: The running time of this play is 70 minutes. TICKETS: Ä10 (includes light lunch and show) Lunch is served from 12.30pm. Show starts at 1.10pm. Booking:

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