Tue Jun 27 2017

Babel Unbound

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery
Doors 12:00 pm - Admission: FREE

A multi-disciplinary exhibition by Leslie Mutchler & Jason Urban (USA) - part of a trail of shows accompanying the FIRST EDITION Print Symposium, initiated by Cork Printmakers and presented as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2017. Babel Unbound, by artist collaborators Leslie Mutchler and Jason Urban, is a new body of work that focuses on ephemeral editions, prints and printed multiples within the context of the library as a curated and performed space. A series of printed works, risographs, xeroxes and screenprints become a publication pulled apart, ephemeral and in-flux, lining walls of the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery. Photographs, 3D printed objects and large-scale digital prints break up the monotony of the splayed publication and help to loosely connect pieces of text, re-paginated essays, screen-captured images, and scans of book spreads. The gallery becomes a circular space without hierarchy; with no beginning and no end- babel unbound. Referencing a series of historical works intertwined with the function and performance of the library, such as Aby Warburg’s Atlas Mnemosyne, Borges’ The Library of Babel, and Walter Benjamin’s Unpacking my Library, the artists contemplate the library of today- one filtered through reproducibility, access to information and an ever-evolving understanding of curation, aesthetics and the archive. The library is a fertile place for exploration, a place that most often prioritizes use over display whereas the gallery is a site that prioritizes display over functionality. Babel Unbound attempts to do both; and while doing so slowly becomes aware of itself, as illegible, complicated, incomplete…

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