Tue Jun 27 2017

The Landscape Of Saved Memories

St. Peter's, North Main St., Cork City
Doors 10:00 am - Admission: FREE

The Landscape of Saved Memories is a series of new works on paper by Mary Cooke, whose work has been largely dealing with personal and emotional issues since she graduated from Winchester College, UK in 2001 Mary has stated that these new works are a departure from her earlier output, but they are more of a formal departure than a conceptual one. The drawings are executed in ink: her brushstrokes initially seem haphazard: automatic, meandering, free flowing and drifting rather than structured. However, a certain order has been imposed on this seeming chaos. Mary makes reference to biology, to cell structures, likening her lines to DNA strands, and making connections to the Mother, specifically the relationship between the Mother and DNA inheritance. Mary is also interested in the chemical workings of the brain, and itís endless capacity for memory storage, both in the short term and the long term, and its emotional effects. The layering of the marks is important to these works: creating a sense of holographic space. The marks were applied to dry paper and then dipped in water, dried and layered on again, each new layer becoming denser and more definite. She experimented with different types of water, noting the effects of each on her marks: fluoride water, limestone infused well water from her family home, River Lee water The significance of location and mood are notable. Some drawings are lighter and more meandering. The drawings from home seem to be darker, perhaps more connected, also more frenetic and denser, inviting one to make conclusions of particular emotional reactions. If the formal aspect of The Landscape of Saved Memories is new, their concept remains familiar: themes of home and family, Mother, Father, nursing in particular. Also, Maryís relationship to her environment, in which struggle and female identity dominate her existence. In essence, her work is her truth: it is deep and emotional. Like these marks, it follows a story, her story, her unique monologue.

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