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Smack, Crackle and Pop

Cork has played it's part in the latest manufactured band on the Popstars TV show. Angry young Man has something to say about it and it's not very nice.Plus our top five Louis Walsh quotes.

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FishGoDeep Interview

Completing a 13 year residency at Sweat in Sir Henry's and one of very few people in this city releasing records we have a heart to heart with DJs & house producers Shane Johnson and Greg Dowling about the past the present and the future.

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Sweated Out

Longtime loyal patron of 'Sweat' at Sir Henrys The Pheasant gets all emotional on the end of it's 13 year legacy and charts his own Top Ten Henrys classics. Will the Ball 'n'Chain make it in you ask.....?

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May Horoscopes 2001

Check out what the stars had to say about you.

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Lamp the size o’ these Fishes Biys !!

A photographic look back on that time in June when Cork was 'terrorised' by Orca Killer Whales..for those that missed it !

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